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Peter is a Thought Leader and best selling author who is passionate about helping people and organisations make the important stuff happen. He challenges his audiences to examine how they tackle the work that matters, where they have an implementation imperative and why this means the end of management as we know it.

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Silvia Damiano is one of Australia’s leading experts in the application of neuroscience to the leadership and business worlds. Author of the best selling book “Engage Me” and a passionate teacher, Silvia knows the secrets of how the leadership brain needs to be developed to achieve commercial advantage in the 21st century. 

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Karen Gately is a dynamic speaker, compelling advisor and experienced trainer with a passion for leveraging the full potential of people. Karen helps leaders to inspire passion, harness energy and ultimately drive outstanding performance through people.

Karen arms her audience with practical strategies to awaken discretionary effort and tap into the full capabilities of teams.

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Christina is an expert in Personal Effectiveness, helping others get more of what they want at work and in life by teaching the mechanics of productivity and the mastery of fulfillment. Living proof her methods work, she juggled a successful career, a 25 year relationship, two children, personal time and all the whilst growing wealth assets. Christina passionately helps others make every minute count.

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A behavioural scientist and author, Darren uses organic, contemporary insights into human behaviour to educate workplace leaders in their toughest role; managing and motivating their people in pursuit of outstanding results. 

The purpose behind Darren’s work is to make a difference to the difference-makers, and given his clients are some of Australia’s most established organisations, it’s evident he does exactly that.

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Building on 3 decades of successful experience in the male dominated world of corporate selling, managing salespeople in her own SME, and mentoring CEO's to salespeople at an elite level, Bernadette peels back the layers on business growth in this competitive and changing world and will share how belief, resilience and resourcefulness, underpinned by the propensity to BE BOLD is what creates, not chases, competition.

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Blythe is a leadership expert who has spent more than a decade in Senior People roles for some of Australia’s largest organisations.

She is obsessed with the notion of driving ownership at all levels of business to create cultures, which maximise productivity and performance.

Often described as a “pocket rocket”, Blythe has discovered the perfect ingredients to inspire audiences into action.

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Nils Vesk is a professional designer turned 'Innovation Architect'. For over 15 years Nils has been applying design thinking to the business of innovating. Nils’ clients include the worlds fastest growing companies who use Nils to accelerate business growth through innovation by sharing how to create and realise brilliant commercial ideas.

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