Brooke is obsessed about individuals, talented people, the best and brightest and what it takes to keep them interested. A former brand strategist, she understands what it takes to attract better staff and keep them motivated. Brooke believes that every organisation has the ability to become the leader in their field.

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Libby lives with the essence of 'what's possible!' Her forward thinking and business acumen twice received the UCLA Global Business Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence in Client Philosophy and Marketing. Never accepting dead ends, forever looking for opportunities and potential, Libby's keynotes inspire and motivate you to increase your 'possibility thinking' through her colourful, entertaining and thought provoking delivery.

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Jason is an academic rogue on a mission to liberate those brilliant, game-changing ideas that would otherwise remain trapped in endless 'yeah-but' meetings. Not one for the fluff-talk that often surrounds the conversation on innovation, Jason instead focusses on the structures that enable the necessary creative and collaborative fail-work it takes to execute ideas and make clever happen.

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Amantha is a creativity and innovation psychologist. She gives her audiences practical, science-based tools that they can use to immediately get their brain unstuck, get creative juices flowing and uncover great ideas that will lead to business growth. Amantha's delivery of these engages, educates and is often downright quirky.

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For the last six years, Robi has worked as a Clown Doctor in various Children's Hospitals in Sydney. Robi is one of a team employed to work with sick children, their parents and carers to help minimise and relieve pain and suffering through the healing effects of humour. From this position, Robi has developed perspective and passion for the art of connection and delivers the message and tools learned in an entertaining, inspirational and heart felt way which will be remembered.

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Adrian played NRL at 19 years of age, winning Rookie of the Year. 12 months later, he was banned for two years after taking performance enhancing drugs. He discovered an unexploited opportunity in this major mistake and bounced back. Playing NRL again, he then used his unfair advantage to become a successful entrepreneur.

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A disarming, straight talker with 20 years of experience empowering executives to recognise and embrace the Emotional Contracts that affect themselves and their employees.

Insightful, confronting and full of energy, Virginia's presentations shift your thinking about what really drives performance and productivity. Her insight into human behaviour and what makes us tick, is brilliant.

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